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This is a past trip, which ran 4 months ago. RIP.

Wednesday Evening Rides

Wed, 25th Oct, Quarter Day Or Less, Auckland, NZ

Ideal group size: 2-10 / 2 joined
Intermediate Difficulty

This is trip open to the WayWiser community.

Controlled booking. The trip organizer must approve all attendees.

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Gary: Trip Creator


I'm looking for anyone who is interested in a regular drop-in Wednesday evening ride at Woodhill MTB, at a similar riding level to me (intermediate) and would like to ride with others because:

Mounting Biking is fucken' fun, cool and it's nice to share
Would like to a bit of social element to help boost confidence, fitness, skills and share a laugh and support each other
Don't mind a swear or two... or in my case... more
Happy to ride with people that'll have a bit of a mix of skills and fitness (so some times you are the student and sometimes the sensei)

Sometimes it'll be just me, or my teenage son may come as well, so I hope that sets a bit of the vibe.

If you are keen to join in, please send me a text

Cheers, Gary

Required Gear

... a bike of course... best suited to Woodhill MTB, so it's trail/all mountain focused, full-suspension or hard-tail, just please make sure it's sound for a couple of hours riding
helmet - without saying... as it's a no helmet, no entrance to the trails policy at Woodhill

nice to haves, lights (because when it gets dark, it gets completely dark), water, snack

Cost details

Woodhill MTB fees are $10 for a casual, $50 for six day pass, $99 for six months, $149 for 12 months (If you think this is going to be a regular thing, the get a 12 or 6 month pass... it's worth it!)

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